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postheadericon 6 Don’ts to Avoid When Buying Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Still have not decided which color to choose for bridesmaid dresses? Well, consider the color of your wedding venue. Does it belong to the red family? Then, pick one of the hues that belong to the same family. Why not think about burgundy? A dark shade of red with a purplish tinge, it is a bold color that represents power and ambition. And when your girls will put on them in dresses of this color, it will show their strong personality along with giving them a stunning look on your D-day.

But choosing burgundy bridesmaid dresses that all of your girls like is not an easy task. You have to choose dresses that complement your bridal gown, as well as make them feel confident and look dazzling. And if you make mistakes when choosing their dresses, the task will be much more difficult for you. To help you to be in bridal bliss, here we have put together a few don’t that you should avoid –

  • Don’t choose the dresses all by yourself

You can start researching bridesmaid dresses on your own, however, this does not be a solo mission. Choose a few bridesmaids’ looks with burgundy dresses you love the most and send them to your friends to get their opinions. Involving your girls in choosing the dresses will make sure that everyone is happy with the decision.

  • Don’t ask your girls to overspend

While some brides buy gift bridesmaid dresses to their girls, others ask their girls to buy it themselves. If this is the case with your wedding, you should be mindful of how much they cost. Ask your girls about their budget in advance of shopping so that you don’t get your heart on something unrealistic.

  • Don’t ever overlook their body size

Different silhouettes look great on different body types. That’s why you need to consider the body types of your girls before picking a particular style. If your friends all have similar frames, you can get away with putting them in the same dress. However, if you have got a mix of pears, apples, and hourglasses, you may need to switch things up. Finding burgundy dresses that fit each of your girls and make them feel their best is the key.

  • Don’t forget the accessories 

If you have gone for flashy gowns you can probably forego adding layers of bling to your girls’ ensembles. But if you have chosen to go the sweet and simple path, a few fun bubbles might be just what their looks need. In place of choosing heavy accessories, go for light ones. Consider adding a few pieces of jewelry, stud earrings, some funky hair accessories, a simple bracelet, or light makeup.

  • Don’t ask your girls to wear dresses that they hate

It is not possible to please everyone. However, you don’t want your bridesmaid to hate their dresses. If they are not comfortable in their ensembles, it will be reflected through their facial expressions. So, leave no stone unturned to put them in dresses that they feel comfortable and look their best.

  • Don’t think inside the box

Yes, here, we are discussing bridesmaid dresses, but they are actually dresses at all with which your girls want to get an attention-grabbing look. Consider the trend and to go the extra mile with this, add some additional features by ordering custom-made dresses for your squad. Your choice can make or break their look.

So, whether you want to buy red, burgundy or cheap bridesmaid dresses, always keep these things in mind and save yourself from making any shopping mistakes when you are buying bridesmaid dresses. Choose the dress that your girls love to wear.

Author bio: George Hawkins is a popular blogger, who writes on chiffon, long, and cheap bridesmaid dresses. Here, he has penned down a few don’ts that a bride-to-be should avoid when buying burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

postheadericon Pro Makeup Tips – Kara Yoshimoto Bua

We will always flip for the latest beauty styles (we’re currently giving Amy Winehouse a run for her money as we try to perfect fall’s cat-eye liner), but despite getting our heads turned by trends, we’re still suckers for perfectly pretty, natural makeup. When we spotted Jessica Biel at the MTV Movie Awards, we were immediately gaga for her low-fuss look. Biel’s glowing skin, pinky-nude lip, and flirty eye makeup was the perfect combo of fresh and polished and we had to know how to get this look ourselves. We got on the horn with Biel’s longtime makeup artist, Kara Yoshimoto Bua, who patiently walked us through the process, step by step.

“We were just going for a simple, easy look for the MTV Movie Awards,” Bua said. “She’s naturally gorgeous, so I just wanted to enhance this with a shimmery eye to give her an approachable and sexy look.” Bua likes to prep a client’s face by first applying Chanel’s Sublimage Eye Essential Regenerating Eye Cream. “It’s fragrance-free and gives the skin smooth moisture,” she says.

For this look, Bua began by using a neutral brown, crème pencil (in this case, Chanel’s Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Coffee Bean) to line Biel’s upper eyelid along the lash line. She created a lightly smoky effect by blending the liner with an angle brush. Bua prefers to not augment the eyelid in any way, say with a base or concealer, as the pencil should sink into the skin and slightly smudge on its own. After finishing the top lid, Bua used what pigment was left on the angle brush to line underneath Biel’s eyes. “You just want a very soft feathering under the eye, so don’t go too heavy on the product and be sure to blend it out for a natural look,” she said.

On Biel’s lids, Bua used Chanel’s limited edition Les Quatre Ombres de Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Shimmering Dunes. She loves the silvery-taupe color in the palette (“It would work on anyone!”) and used the shadows mainly on the crease of Biel’s eye. “The shimmer and softness of this quad’s colors makes it easy to create a smoldering eye that doesn’t look heavy,” Bua said. For an additional spark, she finished Biel’s eyes with a sprinkle of Make Up For Ever’s Diamond Powder in White Gold 2 in the center of the lid and the corner of the eyes. It’s easiest to apply this with a soft, round brush spritzed with rose water.

After curling Biel’s lashes, she used Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara Multi-Dimensional in Noir-Brun. “Using brown mascara makes your eyes look open,” Bua said. “It also never looks harsh. I like this mascara because it gives you really long lashes, quickly and without clumps.” For applying mascara to Biel’s lower lashes, Bua used a stiff fan brush, like M.A.C.’s 205 Mascara Fan Brush. Any version of this brush with synthetic fibers works. Just rub the fan on the mascara wand and mainly concentrate on applying product on the outside of the eye (use less close to the inside of the eye, by the nose).

Bua used combination of two foundations on Biel, Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup SPF 15 in Sand and Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup SPF 15 in Nude, which she applied with clean hands to the face. She dusted Chanel’s Irreelle Blush in Incognito across the apple of the cheek, orbital bone, as well as lightly touching the top of Biel’s nose, chin, and forehead for a sun-kissed glow. The look was finished with Chanel’s Rouge Hydrabase Crème Lipstick in Moire. (The lipstick looks really dark in the tube and on this layout, but it’s super lightweight and goes on almost like a gloss.) So, there you go, no need to hide behind a hat and Ray Ban sunglasses anymore. Use these tips and get out there ladies!